Frequently Asked Questions

All supposed to be commonly asked in some context.

General Questions

Q : What is First Online MalaysiaSMS?
A : First Online MalaysiaSMS is a User Friendly complete Mobile Friendly Online SMS Software, it work almost the same with sending messages from prepaid services provided by local telco.
Q: Do the software provide customer database which include their phone number and basic information?
A: No. First Online Bulk SMS Software provide only a Platform for sending SMS.
Q: Besides the Stater Pack, is there any other hidden charges like activation fee, etc.?
A: No, there is no hidden charges. Registration and activation is absolutely free.
Q: How long does my account valid?
A: Every Account valid for 1 Year from last top-up.
Q: I have questions on the software usage, who should I contact?
A: You can always contact our helpdesk. Please submit support ticket at . Our support team working 12 hours per day from 9am to 9pm and 7 days a week.
Q: What happen if I did not top-up at the end of 1-year validity period?
A: If you did not top-up at the end of account validity period, your account will be suspended for 30 days. During suspension period, you can still top-up your account anytime to activate it.
Q: When my account will be terminated?
A: Your account will be permanently terminated at the end of 30-days suspension period. Once terminated, it is not recoverable, a new starter pack is needed to use again.
Q: Will my existing credit balance will be carried forward on every top-up?
A: Upon topping up your account, any existing credit balance will be carried forward up to a maximum of double the top-up volume. For example, if top-up is 5,000 credits, maximum unused credit that can be carried forward is up to 10,000 credits, the balance will be forfeited.
Q: What is the documents needed for registration and activation of SMS account?
A: You need to provide a copy of MyKad and valid Malaysia mobile number. Once your account is approved, activation code will be sent to your mobile phone, you need to enter this activation code on the first login.
Q: How long is the registration process take?
A: Registration of new account is normally completed within 24 hours, however final approval time frame is still depending on the telco processing.

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