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MalaysiaSMS Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits

Our Bulk SMS system lets you send text messages faster and cost effective way. You can send directly from your computer, either send to one recipient or to a group of recipients in your address book. Our system also supports API links where you can connect your application or software directly to our messaging server. Well recommended for SMS alerts, SMS activation code, SMS for bank TAC code and SMS marketing campaigns.


Fast & Easy

SMS Delivered in Seconds, Instant and faster than e-mail.

Cost Effective

Significantly Cheaper than other Media. Major savings in communication cost.

High Reach

Over 10 million Mobile Subscriber in Malaysia & billions of users worldwide.

SMS Marketing

Perfect for alerts, marketing or simply communicating with staff and clients.

Great Reminder

Send accounts outstanding reminders and prompts. Remind customers of appointments and bookings etc.

Fast Updates

Notify customers of order status. Send accurate job details instantly to clients / technical engineer.

One Click Solution

Communicate with large groups of people instantaneously.

SMS to Friends & Families

Send messages to customers, friends, family, work colleagues, etc.

SMS Advertising

Update product/service details and pricing.


Send direct and personalized marketing offers.


Very secure and private.

Birthday Message

Your address book can also store your client date of birth. Birthday message can be broadcast easily, it is a sweet memory for your client.

Broadcast large messages

You can easily send one or large number of messages in a single click.

Import from Excel

Address book can be imported from Excel and segmented into groups for easy broadcasting of messages.

Message Template

Regular sent message can be saved as template for reused in the future. You can create multiple templates for each of the messages and pick the right one when sending.

Lower Cost

Messages cost start from as low as RM0.10 per message, the rate is going down when you purchase in larger volume. Flat rate for sending to all operators in Malaysia.

No Hidden Cost or SST

Our rate is nett, no hidden cost, no SST, no GST or any kind or taxes. No surcharge when top-up your SMS credit with credit card or JomPay.

Long validity

SMS credit are valid for 365 days from last top-up, so you have sufficient time to utilise your credits.

Short Code Sending

Messages are sent via 5-digits short code, the same system like OTP messages that you receive from bank, there are no sender telephone number exposed to recipient.

Great Marketing Channel

Surveys show that SMS message are read within seconds or minutes after it arrived. Unlike email that sometimes not being read on-time or never read because it goes to junk folder.

Delivery Report

Delivery status of your messages can be viewed from sent history so you know which messages are delivered and which phone number is failed.

Failed Number Notification

Failed or invalid telephone numbers are marked in your address book for your reference, this assist you in updating your address book to correct telephone number.

Web based System

Fully web-based system, sent from any computer with internet connection. No software to install, no setup or configuration needed. Login to your account from your browser and start sending.

API Connection

Our system is developer friendly, software developer can connect to our system via provided API.

Our One Click Powerful Bulk SMS Features

Send to Multiple recipients in ONE click.

Support ENGLISH and CHINESE messages.


Contact list can be uploaded from EXCEL and allows Grouping of contacts.


Allows creating of message template for repeated used.


Provide not only send report but also delivery report when message arrive recipient mobile phone


Support API integration with web based software.


Message can send to Malaysia from anywhere in the world without roaming charge. Fully Web based, send message from computer or any internet ready tablet to mobile phone.