MalaysiaSMS top-up rate will be as follow


Access to Bulk SMS Portal


Bundle with 1000 SMS Credits


Valid for 1 year from last top-up

Bulk SMS Starter Pack
(Bundled with 1,000 Credit)
For first time user who do not have account
Price Add To Cart
RM250.00 malaysiasms-buynow
Bulk SMS Top-up Pack
For existing user with account only
Credit Volume Rate Price Add To Cart
1,000 RM0.10 RM100.00 malaysiasms-buynow
5,000 RM0.095 RM475.00 malaysiasms-buynow
10,000 RM0.090 RM900.00 malaysiasms-buynow
50,000 RM0.085 RM4,250.00 malaysiasms-buynow

Effective from 1st September 2018, we will not charge Sales and Service Tax (SST).

Usage Charges
Country Country Code Credit Charge

Sending to all operator in Malaysia

60 1 credit

Sending to all operator in Singapore

65 2 credits

Note: Sending to other country is currently not available